Our speakers (more to follow)


    Mark Hidson | ICLEI

    Mark joined ICLEI in 2003. He is a member of ICLEI Europe’s Board of Directors and responsible for ICLEI’s sustainable economy and procurement work. Mark is the Global Director ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre. For 17 years he has worked for, and on behalf of, local, regional and national governments in project, policy and strategy development on sustainability issues such as procurement, climate change and transport.

    Joan Prummel | Rijkswaterstaat

    I initiate pilots with Circular Procurement to reduce the waste of resources. Public procurers have a key role in making arrangements about the use of products (or their components or the materials the products are made of) after usage. In this way we contribute to the acceleration and development of the Circular Economy in The Netherlands. 

    Robert Kaukewitsch | European Commission

    Since January 2011, Robert Kaukewitsch is Green Public Procurement Officer in DG Environment of the European Commission. From 2003-2010, he worked on environmental and sustainability issues in the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee. Before joining the EU civil service, he held different positions in the City of Hamburg. He is a lawyer by training and comes from Germany.

    Els Verwimp | Government of Flanders

    Els Verwimp works for the Department of Environment of the Government of Flanders. Her role is to support the public procurers in Flanders in buying more sustainably. She develops tools (e.g. criteria documents, LCC tools) to help procurers and advises the procurers of the Government of Flanders in there procurement cases. The next years, she’ll especially support public procurers participating in the Flemish Green Deal Circular Procurement. More information: http://www.vlaanderen-circulair.be/nl/green-deal-circulair-aankopen.

    Emile Bruls | Rijkswaterstaat | Moderator Textiles Workshop

    Emile is working on the European Clothing Action Plan – www.ECAP.eu.com and several actions to make textiles in the Netherlands sustainable. He was also involved in the REBus circular business pilots in workwear. Besides this he does several projects within the Waste and Circular Economy department of Rijkswaterstaat for the recycle on the go program in the service sector, for instance with Dutch railways and with pop and dance music festivals. He has a background in political and communication science. Previously he has been working for the national expert centre for outdoor and nature recreation.

    Mauro Scalia | Eurotex

    Mauro Scalia is head of Sustainable Businesses in Euratex, the European Confederation of Textile and Apparel industry based in Brussels. He is responsible for all activities in the areas of chemicals, resources efficiency, climate change, corporate responsibility and sustainable supply chains and coordinates with the Euratex’s member national /European associations. He graduated cum laude in Political Sciences with specialization in Politics and Economics at the University of Catania, Italy, also studying in Germany and France. He joined Euratex in 2004 after professional experiences in consulting, industrial research and an institution of the European Union.

    Take Padding | PIANOo

    Take Padding works for PIANOo, the procurement expertise centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as a senior consultant sustainable public procurement. He has been involved in the sustainable procurement programme since 2007 and one of the founders of the Dutch Green Deal Circular Procurement.

    Mervyn Jones | Sustainable Global Resources

    Mervyn has been working in climate change and sustainability for 35 years, the last 12 in resource efficiency and closing product and material loops including using sustainable public procurement as a key driver. Most recently Mervyn has been working with UNEP and the Dutch Government on developing Circular Procurement and Product Service Systems as mechanisms for delivering more circular economies. He previously worked at the UK Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) for 10 years across a variety of delivery programmes on behalf of UK Governments. He now works independently through his own company, Sustainable Global Resources.

    Niels Ahsmann | KplusV

    Niels Ahsmann works as a business consultant at KplusV. KplusV facilitates public procurement procedures aimed to find innovative, sustainable, and circular solutions. KplusV is involved in several transition programs for Netherlands Circular in 2050.


    Rob Holdway | Giraffe | Lead moderator

    Rob Holdway is co-founder and Director of environmental management consultants Giraffe, working with companies on carbon management and footprinting, sustainable design, innovation management and EU environmental legislation. Rob was described by ‘The Manufacturer’ magazine as ‘Britain’s leading eco-design consultant’. 

    Cécile van Oppen | Copper8 | Lead moderator

    Cécile is co-founder of Copper8, a consulting firm specialized in creating and accelerating sustainable breakthroughs through collaboration and business model innovation. She has initiated circular projects in several manufacturing related industries such as household appliances as well as solar panels. Copper8 is known for their expertise in the field of circular procurement; having run European tenders in furniture, electronics and construction industries (most notably the tender for Liander Duiven). Cécile holds a double BA from LaSalle University (PA, USA) and a Master’s degree from the LSE (London, UK); and is co-author of the book ‘Circular Business: Collaborate and Circulate’.

    Birgitte Krebs Schleemann | City of Aalborg Denmark

    I am a project manager for a circular public procurement on school furniture (learning environment) for primary schools in the municipality of Aalborg. I have an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Planning from Aalborg University. For the last 10 years I have worked in the municipality of Aalborg in the field of environmental matters - most environmental approval and supervision of companies. In recent years, I have been working more and more with sustainability and circular economy.


    Dimitri Strybos | Vlaanderen Circulair - OVAM

    Dimitri Strybos obtained a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Antwerp. He started his professional career as a policy officer in the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM), where he was responsible for the further development of the Flanders' WEEE policy. Since 2016, he became Program Manager for the Flanders’ Materials Program, which transformed in 2017 into Circular Flanders, the hub, inspirator and matchmaker for circular economy in Flanders. Currently, Dimitri coordinates and facilitates the Flemish Green Deal on Circular Procurement. 


    Josefina Lindblom | European Commission for DG Environment

    Josefina Lindblom is working at the European Commission for DG Environment, in the unit of Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption. She is responsible for the work on "sustainable buildings" and the implementation of the communication on this topic adopted in summer 2014. She has previously worked in DG Research with specific support to SMEs and in DG Joint Research Centre, where she took part in research studies related to improved environmental performance of industry and how to design policy in this respect. She has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Design from Chalmers Technical University of Gothenburg.

    Miguel Gama Caldas | European Commission

    Miguel Gama Caldas is a Scientific Officer at the European Commission since 2013. Located in Seville, working in the Directorate for Growth and Innovation of DG JRC (Joint Research Centre), he is currently dealing with the technical aspects of EU Green Public Procurement criteria development.

    Before joining the EU civil service he held several scientifically research positions both at the academia and private enterprises in different EU member states. His background is Mechanical Engineering (both PhD and basic degrees).


    Sergio Saporetti | Italian Ministry of Environment, Land & Sea

    Sergio Saporetti is a public employee and works for the italian Ministry of Environment, department for climate and energy. His work is related to GPP and SCP policy and is involved in the the definition of Minimum Environmental Criteria for public procurement produtc and service categories. In particular he is in charge of coordinating technical tables for buildings, roads and furniture. He also give technical advice to public authorities in correctly applying environmental criteria in their tenders.


    Sally Attwood | Deputy Director Strategy & Planning

    Sally has had a varied career, largely in the public service in Wales, including several secondments to the Welsh Government and also for the Ombudsman.  She has been involved in many large-scale change programmes within the National Health Service in Wales.   Her role in Public Health Wales NHS Trust involves strategy and planning and the Our Space Programme is a major initiative to reconfigure the organisation’s office-based estate.    Originally from West Yorkshire in the North of England, Sally moved to Wales to study, work and raise a family.


    Flavie Lowres | BRE | Associate Director Research and Strategic Advisory Group

    Flavie Lowres gained her PhD from the University of Birmingham, Metallurgy and Materials School of Science and Engineering. She joined BRE in June 2003 in the concrete section. Since 2007, she has managed and delivered several projects in the UK and internationally on supply chain materials sustainability and LCA. She was nominated as one of the top 50 sustainability rising stars in the UK by Building Magazine in 2012. She is now working on a H2020 funded project, Buildings As Materials Bank (BAMB). The objective of BAMB is to increase the value of building materials leading to the reduction of wastes and limited use of resources. BRE’s role is to develop a methodology to integrate circular economy at building level via a Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach. Flavie is also leading on a research project centred around the refurbishment of an office at BRE in which innovative technologies and the concept of biophilic design will be applied to understand their impact on the health and wellbeing and productivity of occupants.


    Vasileios Tsanidis | European Commission

    Vasileios Tsanidis works at the Startups & Innovation Unit, Digital Single Market Directorate of the DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission in Brussels. The Unit elaborates initiatives to support digital innovation and growth across EC policies and programmes. His dossier is Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI). In this function he has been involved in the development of policies for the promotion and mainstreaming Innovation Procurement at European level as well as in the management of EU funding Programs and projects that support the implementation of Innovation Procurements. He is lawyer that holds a PhD in European Business Law. Before he joined the European Commission he worked as legal advisor and EU funded projects/programmes manager in several Ministries and Regional Authorities in Greece.


    Leon Smith | Transport for London (UK) PROLITE PPI

    Dr Leon Smith is a Smart City practitioner having spent the last ten years developing and implementing strategies to achieve the UK governments and European Unions objectives on Business Resource Efficiency, Eco-Innovation and Climate Change. Currently, Leon leads a multi-million pound programme for Transport for London to maximise the value London achieves from its annual £3billion investment in products and services.  Leon is a scientist by background, having published several articles in international journals and completing his PhD at Imperial College London. While working for the UK government, Leon managed the development of UKCP09, the most comprehensive set of climate change projections ever produced. Leon’s career is now focused on enabling cities – like London – to better invest in smart technologies and achieve their environmental and business objectives.


    Stephan Corvers | European Assistance for Innovation Procurement

    Stephan has over 20 years of experience in the field of European Procurement. He was co-founder and vice-chairman of the NVvA (Dutch Association for procurement and law) and since 1998 member of the advisory board of the NvvA. He is the founder, owner and managing director of Corvers Procurement Services – a private company operating in the field of European Procurement existing since 2000. Corvers has been involved in a wide range of procurement projects, relating to e.g. new markets, new products or services, new distribution channels, and new technology.


    Stephan is co-founder of ‘Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht’ (Dutch leading magazine of Procurement Law) published by SDU and was editorial member from 2004 to 2009. Furthermore he is author of numerous publications on European Procurement and a frequent speaker at congresses.


    Sara Bedin | Niguarda hospital (Lombardy Region - IT) PCP for automatic bed movers

    Sara’s background varies from ICT contracts and procurement to innovation management and competition law.

    She provided strategic, legal and technical advice to the Italian Government to draw up the PCP Italian framework and Guideline and supported, as specialist/expert, the Italian Ministry for Research (MIUR) for the definition of legislative acts concerning the national policy of PCP, as well as for the evaluation and definition of the Public notice addressed to the Convergence Region for the recognition of innovation needs.

    At EU level, she actively participated to the open consultation on the draft R&D&I-framework with the aim to support the PCP and innovation partnership regulation. As PCP and PPI specialist she’s involved in the EAFIP initiative (European Assistance for Innovation Procurement. She has developed a research for EC-DG Connect (SMART 2014-0009) measuring the impact of PCP across Europe compared to other procurement approaches.


    Margit Martinson | Deputy Secretary General

    Reed Aus

    Designer Reet Aus is dedicated to slow fashion and her upcycled collection is entirely made from post-production leftovers. She keeps proving that clever design can salvage mountains of unused textiles and the natural resources spent to produce them. Each garment in Reet Aus collection saves on average 75% water and 88% energy.



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