Study Visit - 3rd of September



    The Congress will include Expo Booths, and online visits to smaller and larger companies and establishments that implement policies and solutions consistent with the circular economy in their institutions.


    Introduction speech - Cluster in the circular economy – Kaspar Nielsen and Aija Konisevska


    Study visits:

    Kaffe Bueno, Denmark
    The company extends the life of a coffee bean, taking advantage of the whole instead of only 1% of its weight. The process itself is groudbreaking in reducing waste and utilizing the carbon footprint from transporting coffee beans in the first place. Furthermore, since coffee is a highly pleasurable part of many people’s lives, the company can change the society’s perspective on the concept of a circular economy.
    Work Ahead, Finland
    iWorh Ahead is developing tools to help organisations incentify their ecosystems to become more sustainable. The company develops a intelligent survey systems for public agents, that checks the sustainability for public procurement. They also deliver the feedback to the companies, how can they become more sustainable. 
    Accus, Sweden
    This company have been active in several R&D-projects addressing different circular aspects – such as circular metrics, integrating CE in ISO-systems, future adaptable design - and more. 
    RE:SIGN – circular sign solutions. They can today offer several modular and circular products – for users to rent or buy. For clients buying signs – we offer a retake-system.
    Expo Booths: The Expo Booths will be open all through the two days of the Congress for anyone to visit at any point. 


     T-Master Sp. z o.o. creates IT systems and designs and manufactures equipment for selective waste collection.

    The Individual Waste Segregation System (T-Master SISO), thanks to its complexity, is an ideal tool to control the management of waste management processes for many users: city authorities, property managers - housing cooperatives and communities, waste collection companies. It is also a compendium of knowledge for the inhabitants themselves about the amount of waste produced at a given time and their progress in segregation. The system also creates a technical possibility of individual accounting for each household. 


    Clariter, Poland

    Clariter delivers a solution for the global plastic waste epidemic by transforming plastic waste into 3 industrial products such as oils, waxes, and solvents. These are used as fossil-fuel alternative ingredients to make over 1000 clean, plastic-free everyday consumer products such as detergent, degreaser, and even shoe polish!

    Plastic Repair System (PRS), Spain

    The company recovers up to 100% of various plastic products’ functionality. The solution not only reduces up to 70% of costs but is also tailored to the needs of the customer and the local. It directly contributes to the introduction of a circular economy.

    Plastic Repair System (PRS) offers a repair service of returnable /reusable plastic ítems (Returnable Transport Packaging). PRS has developed and patented an innovative technology that allows to repair reusable /returnable plastic pallets, crates, boxes, etc. recovering 100% of its functionality and at least 98% of its strength, with a 70% cost reduction compared to replacing a new one and 220 times less CO2 emissions.

    RE.NEWED Design, Poland
    Rec.on brand gives recovered auto parts a new chance to shine again. Using a unique upcycling process, we transform used, unwanted parts into new, high-quality, functional designs, adding style and an industrial aesthetic to any interior.
    All auto parts used by Rec.on come from legally operating car disassembly stations. Vehicle dismantling processes recycles the minimum of 85% of a car mass. This project enables them to achieve a higher count by frequently utilizing worn elements such as mufflers, airbags, or brake discs restricted from being used again, in order to perform their original functions. 

     WOFIL, Poland
    This company has been dealing with the application of new technologies in water and wastewater treatment processes for over 20 years. We specialize in designing and providing complete turnkey ozone systems. We are a producer of SPID system based on the technology of degassed highly-ozonated water – i.e. OWWO technology. The water produced in the SPID system is an effective ecological disinfectant intended for various pathogens. It ensures safety for people and the environment. OWWO technology was developed by WOFIL and it is currently in the process of verification in the framework of the patent application.
    Since water management is an urgent problem we are facing globally, WOFIL’s work to reduce the amount of sewage and completely purify wastewater is particularly important.
    Usitoo, Belgium
     It is a Belgian cooperative which intends to "re-invent" renting to make it as attractive as e-commerce while making the consumers behaviour more sustainable. Founded in 2016, we have started operations in Brussels in March 2018, and have used this period to fine-tune our innovative circular e-rental model. We are circular with our functional economy (renting) solution that promotes Refuse and Reuse, while systematically Repairing everything we rent. In addition, our included delivery system optimises a unique delivery loop, reducing drastically CO2 and other pollutants in comparison to having all users to cross the city twice to grab their rental. We are circular a second time because 90% of our rental catalogue is provisioned through buying back from citizens the well-functioning objects that they do not use anymore, against free rentals (turning them into users of the solution at the same time).

    Venturis HoReCa, Poland
    This initiative develops a food waste management with a spin which adds the aspect of weighing, tracking and mapping food waste. If introduced on a mass scale, this idea can not only ensure the correct disposal of organic waste, but also reduce the amount of food ordered by individual restaurants on any given day.
    PSML - XBS Group Sp.z o.o.- Poland
    In order to contribute to a broader change, the XBS Group, which specializes in POS material logistics, has initiated the EkoPOSytywni campaign whose goal is to encourage a sustainable production of POS materials across the supply chain. One of its newest accomplishments is Ekokalkulator, an app which will soon allow its users to analyze specific POS elements with regards to their environmental imapct.

    Dvelas, Spain
    Based on material with a past of its own, DVELAS merges functionality and aesthetics to create a product that brings together design, comfort, beauty and emotion. They  offer the option of making small modifications to our furniture, as well as shade sails and design custom-made products for specific projects.
    It is a company founded and managed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that combines architecture graphics and product design.


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